Practical course of English Language Teaching

19 сентября
Practical course of English Language Teaching

We are happy to announce a new course that you have all been asking for. Everything you wanted more of when you did your TKT: more practice, more teaching tips and ideas, more techniques plus videos of successful or unsuccessful lessons. Another bonus is a CELTA and DELTA qualified trainer, the 72-hour length coming with a licensed certificate, online support and real teaching practice.

The course consists of 3 modules.

The first one (English Language Teaching – Background and Practice) consists of 36 hours of intensive workshops and offers an assortment of techniques to use in your classroom. You will have a chance to feel those techniques in the shoes of a student while brushing up your English. The first module is taking place June 18-26th 2018, the registration is open until June the 14th.

The second module (Working with Online Activities and Resources) will be available over summer holidays (18 hours +). Plan to enjoy some professional development at your leisure.

The last but not the least, The Teaching Practice module will consist of individual observations of classes with your own students, joint lesson planning and some tips on your particular teaching situations. This will take place from early October for 2-3 weeks depending on your schedule (with the total length of 18 hours).

The first (heavily discounted) course will cost only 20 000 Russian roubles.


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